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The city located in Florida has quite a funny name. When translated into English the city’s name is literally the Rat’s mouth. The name doesn’t imply that but rather the name was acquired following the problem ships in the region used to encounter when trying to gain access into the region. They would break down when they hit many rocks in the city, thus its jagged inlets were associated with a Rat’s mouth. Apart from this interesting tidbit, the city boasts of majestic beauty, futuristic architecture all have contributed to many people moving into the city. It’s a region that has managed to adhere to a certain way of architecture control, banning billboards leaving the city as minimalist as possible.

Rapid development at a price

The beautiful architecture, warm climate and majestic beauty has attracted tourists and residents of other parts of the country into this city. This has led to economic growth in the region and rise in a multi-cultural community. Of course everything with advantages must have disadvantages. The invention of air conditioners into the region came as good news but this in turn affected the environment. There was increased emissions, rising temperature, and climate change observed in past years.

Using ACs the right way:

Most people know the important role that air conditioners play in their lives but most don’t give them the attention they need. For your air conditioner to serve you better, it should be regularly maintained which increases its efficiency, reduces emissions and will go a long way in saving you repair and monthly electricity bills. A regularly maintained air conditioner will also serve you for a long time. In this era where we’re experiencing a lot of global warming, air conditioners should be maintained to reduce the amount of harmful gases released into the environment.

Who can you trust?

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  • Identifying and repairing refrigerator leaks.
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