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During summers our air conditioning works in full force to ensure that our interiors are cool and comfortable. While you might have the best AC installed in your property, you must know that it is important to take good care of your machine so that it is able to function to its optimal capacity. If you want a well working AC at all times, regular upkeep of the machine is of primary importance.

Whether it is the regular window air conditioner in your home or the centralized complex AC system in your office, Boca Raton AC Expert is the best known name in AC maintenance. With over twenty years of experience in working with all kinds of AC systems, we are fully equipped to help maintain your air conditioner so that it continues to work well throughout its lifespan. For the best AC maintenance services in Boca Raton, FL area, call us at 561-292-0149 now!

What can you do?

While regular AC maintenance is best done by professionals, there are certain things that you can do too to ensure that it is in top condition at all times. Here are some basics that you can cover:

  • Cleaning air filter: Filters accumulate dust and dirt over time and this can negatively impact the indoor air quality. It can affect the working of the air conditioner and reduce its efficiency. Cleaning the air filters or replacing them is something that you can do on your own.

  • Cleaning the outdoor unit: Obviously we do not suggest removing the unit and then cleaning it. What you can do is spraying it with a hose to get rid of dust, dirt, entrapped leaves or any other matter accumulated in the system.

  • Keep pests out: Pest attack on your ducts or the machine can create a lot of issues. Their presence can also negatively impact the indoor air quality and lead to a host of allergies and respiratory problems. Use pest-proofing methods to keep pests away.

What do we do?

When you call upon us, we will carry out:

  • Deep clean-up:We will do a thorough cleaning of your system. We will take apart your unit to scrupulously clean it of the smallest amount of dust and dirt.

  • Lubrication:With extensive usage, AC parts may get a little rusty. We will lubricate all the parts of the machine to ensure smooth operation.

  • Refrigerant check: Overtime refrigerant levels may come down. Our experts will refill it and inspect for any leaks.

  • Testing electrical connections: Loose connections may create trouble at the time of operation. We test and fix them for smooth operation.

  • Operation analysis: We inspect the system closely to find out any underlying issues or potential causes of failure and take steps to set them right.

  • Repairs: If we find any problem with a machine during our maintenance, we fix it right away before it blows into a big issue.

  • Thermostat settings: Improper functioning of the thermostat or malfunctioning sensors can cause improper cooling and short cycling. We check the system and fix these issues.

Your one-stop AC maintenance solution:

Whether it is residential or commercial properties, at Boca Raton AC Expert we have extensive experience in maintaining all kinds of AC units. Over the years, we have become the go-to AC maintenance service for people in the region. Here are some reasons why you can hire us to be your AC partner.

  • Trained experts on board
  • Flexible maintenance plans
  • Annual and bi-annual options available
  • Customized services
  • Subsidized repair costs
  • Priority services
  • Discounts on replacement parts

For the best AC maintenance solutions in Boca Raton, FL area, call us at 561-292-0149!